Puss moth larva macro

My wife found this interesting larva crawling in our garden. Got some pictures of it and focus stacked them into these shots. Enjoy.

Puss moth larva by Bernt-Inge Madsen on 500px.com

Puss moth larva by Bernt-Inge Madsen on 500px.com

More about the larva on Wikipedia


Another day with fun in the sun

Yet another sunny day with temperatures over 20 degrees celsius. Started the morning on the ground in the garden with the 5D mk2 and the 100mm macro lens again. The learning curve is steep when it comes to these small bugs. Wherever you sit down there is bugs and ants everywhere. Amazing how much life there is in the grass when you start looking. Here are some results from this mornings session.

Just hanging by Bernt-Inge Madsen on 500px.com

Small talk by Bernt-Inge Madsen on 500px.com

Ant on the edge by Bernt-Inge Madsen on 500px.com

Tried to get one of these beetles in flight. This is the best result, I left it uncropped to show the size of them in relation to the tripod foot on the right. They move way to fast for macro.

Hoovering by Bernt-Inge Madsen on 500px.com


Macro heaven

The summer has arrived here in the south of Norway, I feel like I`m cutting grass every day 😉

While waiting for the lawnmower battery to recharge I took my fiancés camera out with the macro lens. In the backyard there is a young oak tree that is bussing with life. The wind was not to helpful but I got a couple of shots worth sharing.

Blue bootle fly by Bernt-Inge Madsen on 500px.com

Stairways to heaven by Bernt-Inge Madsen on 500px.com


Instagram 2015

My year on Instagram with the nine most liked images.

Best of 2015 Instagram Bernt-Inge.no


Its nice to see that my last image from 2015 actually made it to the top nine list. Much more images to come in 2016.

Happy New Year everyone.


I attended a seminar on action photography last week and was made aware of the power of Instagram. Earlier I have hesitated to join and have not seen the value in it for me. But now I see the potential in it and will post a new picture daily and showcase some of my images taken on both DSLR and iPhone. I do not use filters on my cameras or in post, I mostly only do adjustments to the curves. I believe you still can do most of the work in camera with experience and good preparation.

Check out my feed so far http://instagram.com/berntinge.no

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