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I attended a seminar on action photography last week and was made aware of the power of Instagram. Earlier I have hesitated to join and have not seen the value in it for me. But now I see the potential in it and will post a new picture daily and showcase some of my images…

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Vacation time

After driving for two days we arrived at my in-laws house, we started out the night with a trip down to the sea and caught a couple of bird shots. Tjeld – Eurisian Oystercatcher Måke – Seagull Today we did a small walk along the dock and this guy caught our attention. He was very…

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Sparrow Hawk

Just got back from a cabin trip last night and had my family over for a visit. Suddenly my brother spotted a Sparrow Hawk attacking a Fieldfare outside. I ran down to the car and got my camera and got these shots before he was tired of my company. Great experience in my backyard. And…

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