Vacation time

After driving for two days we arrived at my in-laws house, we started out the night with a trip down to the sea and caught a couple of bird shots.
Tjeld - Eurasian Oystercatcher
Tjeld – Eurisian Oystercatcher

Måke - Seagull
Måke – Seagull

Today we did a small walk along the dock and this guy caught our attention. He was very determined that we needed to focus on him and stay away from his nest. He played hurt for a little while and got really close. So close that I had problems focusing with my 70-200mm.

Sandlo - Common Ringed PloverSandlo - Common Ringed Plover
Sandlo - Common Ringed Plover
Sandlo – Common Ringed Plover

All in all a good start for the vacation 😀

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