Trust – a small review

I`ve seen the Sun-Sniper in use plenty of times. Bert Stephani, Mike Larson and Pieter Van Impe all use it, but I have never been able to trust that small screw and carbine hook to hold my camera. Until now that is. I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago after shooting a wedding. I used two cameras and always had the dilemma where to put the second camera when not in use. The first thing I did when I returned home was to order a Sun-Sniper strap 😀

After using it last night at a Tapdance event I still wonder why I did not get this earlier. It is amazing, you have the camera ready all the time. Switching between cameras has never been easier. I just love the Sun-Sniper so far, and yes I Trust it 😀 that small little screw and carbine hook 😉

My Sun-Sniper in use (with a small modification, the black tube on the carbine hook is there so the steel does not scratch the camera or lens)

Check it out and order one at Sun-Snipers website.

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