Bert Stephani Workshop

Attended Bert Stephani´s workshop this weekend, great workshop with lots of fun.

Day 1
First half of the day Bert went through the lighting basics and showed examples shots. After lunch he started taking photos of the model for the day Linnea. The results of his shoot can be seen here:

Day 2
We met up early at the Tiger in front of Østbanehallen, most of us still half asleep 😛
The first location we went to was Gamlebyen Skatepark, here we started of by finding a good background with the tricks Bert taught us. Then we lighted the subject with one flash in front of the awesome background 😉
Results of assignment one:

First shot Kristian starting to wake up

Taking off Ã…smund

Second up we played around a little with “overpowering” the sunlight to catch the cool clouds on the sky.

Kristian Kristian

Bert then gave us another assignment, main-light is natural and background lit by flash.

Sun main light Sun main light

After hours of play at the skatepark we went for lunch at Sultan just down the street before we changed up the location to Middelalder parken. As usual the park was pretty packed with people barbecuing, but that did not stop the 25 photographers from crawling and climbing around with expensive gear and lots of light.

We started shooting the “find of an old viking crown”, we played around with the story and tested lots of lighting setups but ended up with one of our first shots as the favorite:

Digging for the Viking Crown

Then Bert suggested us to give a tribute to the national sport of Norway – barbecuing:

The National sport of Norway - Barbecuing

A great weekend for us all, weather was great and we had lots of fun. I think I speak for all of us when I say this is worth doing again. Thank you Bert for a great workshop, you are an inspiration to us all for your dedication of giving back.

Berts work and blog can be seen here:

Contact him for information on how you can make a workshop in your area.

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